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Welcome to Naturally Diamonds!

The natural choice for diamonds

Naturally Diamonds was established to provide you, the customer, with an alternative outlet to source diamonds and manufacture jewellery at more affordable prices.

It is no longer necessary to pay the inflated prices charged by retail jewellers. Mark-ups of up to 600% on a jewellery piece are commonplace in jewellery stores that we find in shopping centres around the country.

Naturally Diamonds offers you, the client, the opportunity of purchasing a diamond and manufacturing of a ring of your own personal choice at wholesale pricing. This done through our network of suppliers locally and internationally. All of these diamonds are certified by either local or international diamond laboratories.

Our guarantee is one of quality, service and happiness with any purchase from Naturally Diamonds.

We have access to over 10 000 diamonds locally and internationally at any given time. Diamonds available from 0.30ct to 5.0ct and more. All colours, clarity and shapes.

For your convenience we have offices in CPT and JHB from where we will design and manufacture your dream ring to the highest of quality, as our goldsmiths are master craftsmen with many years of experience.

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