Diamond Engagement Rings

Tips for Choosing Diamond Shapes and Sizes for Engagement Rings

Are you browsing for diamond engagement rings at jewellery stores in cities such as Johannesburg or Cape Town? Now you no longer have to visit shop after shop; you can choose from an extensive range of diamond engagement rings or even custom-design your own diamond engagement ring with our online design facility. However, understanding the various shapes in which diamonds are set in engagement rings will help you choose a design and diamond shape that will fit your lifestyle, budget, physical features and style preferences. A few of the popular diamond shapes used in engagement rings are briefly discussed below, giving you the basic information to help make an informed decision.

Round Brilliant

Perhaps the all-time most popular shape, the round brilliant has been in use for quite some time. This, of course, also means that it is highly unlikely that it will lose its standing in the future. The round brilliant shape looks amazing on any type of finger. Whether your finger is short, slender, wide, or long, this is one diamond shape that will balance the overall look and feel of the ring. With it being such a popular shape, it is also well-suited to anyone who has to buy a diamond engagement ring on a tight budget. You can get a stunning end-result using the round brilliant diamond shape in the ring design at a cost significantly lower than the less popular shapes. Keep in mind that the diamond size still makes a difference on how the ring will look on your finger. If you have a wide finger, then you will want a larger diamond and if it is slender, then opting for a smaller diamond makes sense to create the perfect balance.

Princess Cut

Almost as popular as the brilliant round shape, the princess cut, as the name suggests, is a rather popular choice amongst royalty. What is important to consider here is to balance the size of the diamond with the width and length of the finger. If you work on a tight budget, you can use the princess cut shape, as it is one of the more affordable diamond shapes. If your finger is short or rather slender, you stand to save some money, since a smaller diamond can appear larger simply because of the dimensions of your finger.


Think of the traditional way that a teardrop is drawn and you have a picture of what the shape is about. This type of shape is rarely used in diamond engagement rings, but with enough design skill, it can work. It is more suited to a pendant though. If you do select the teardrop, follow the same rules as for the oval shape.


Think of the shape of a rugby ball or even an American football to picture what the marquise diamond shape looks like. This cut is recommended for the bride who has slender, long fingers. The diamond looks odd on short or wide fingers, but with the right setting and ring design, it could still work.


Almost in the shape of the marquise, the oval diamond shape is a good all-round choice for thin, wide, long or short fingers. That being said, design balance is everything. If you have long and slender fingers, go with a medium-sized diamond. If you have short and slender fingers, then a smaller diamond is suggested because with this shape, the diamond appears wider than it is and a diamond that is too big can easily look out of place.

Diamonds come in many more shapes and we recommend viewing our extensive range or to call on us for professional assistance in custom-designing your engagement ring.