Diamond Wedding Bands

Plain or Fancy? Diamond Wedding Rings vs Simple Bands

For centuries, a plain gold ring worn on the fourth finger of the left hand has been the traditional symbol of a married woman in most western societies. Within the last 50 years, this tradition has also become a more common practice among husbands, with brides and grooms now exchanging both rings and vows as part of the marriage ceremony. Just as the nature of the wedding ceremony has changed, with many spouses now preparing their own personalised vows over and above those included in the order of service, many are also forsaking the traditional gold ring in favour of diamond wedding bands.

In the past, the juxtaposition of these traditionally designed rings and an engagement ring with a solitaire or cluster tended to create a complementary effect, in which each one tended to enhance the appearance of the other. Among the possible drawbacks when both of these rings are set with precious stones, is the risk that the two may clash and, instead, detract from rather than complement one another’s appearance. There is also a risk that their individual designs could simply make it physically difficult to wear them both together. That said, providing that such potential snags are considered before committing to a purchase, it should not be too difficult to ensure that you make the appropriate choices to avoid them.

One reason that many women now favour the inclusion of a few precious stones is that they are seen as an investment. This, unfortunately, is not necessarily true. For instance, in the case of diamond wedding bands, if one chooses to purchase an off-the-shelf item from a typical retail jewellery store, the chances are that it will be subject to a mark-up of at least 300% and, in some cases, this could actually amount to as much as 600%. Under these circumstances, it could take a very long time indeed before such an investment might succeed in even covering the purchase price. Finally, only rarely are these products accompanied by certificates of authenticity.

The second potential snag is that, whatever you receive in exchange for your money, will be a mass-produced product that is purchased by many others and a design that says nothing of you as a unique individual with your own ideas of perfection. As it happens, however, all of the problems referred to above can be eliminated simply by designing your own rings and having them manufactured to your specification. Furthermore, this is an option that offers the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by ensuring that your engagement ring and plain or diamond wedding band will be guaranteed to form a perfect pair.

A single quality stone can be worth more than several of a lesser quality and this means that there is plenty of scope to be creative without spending a fortune. Today, value for money is important to everyone and when you are in the market for precious stones, you can be assured of both top quality and rock-bottom prices when you deal with Naturally Diamonds on Cape Town or Johannesburg. In fact, we offer R1000 cash to anyone with a written quote that we are unable to match.

As well as an extensive range of stock items, we offer the services of skilled goldsmiths with the talent to create any item to your specification. Or, if necessary, we can partner with you in order to develop a concept together.

Whether your heart is set on a matching engagement ring and diamond wedding band or a matching pair of the latter for husband and wife, we have access to more than 10 000 certified stones of between 0,3 and 5,0 carats from which to make your selection. Given our versatility and competitive pricing, why look further than Naturally Diamonds?