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How to Choose the Metal for an Engagement Ring

Finding the best metal for an engagement ring is as important as selecting the overall style, the gemstone and the setting. However, when you do a Google Voice Search for “engagement ring near me” or “engagement rings Cape Town” you may locate only conventional jewellery stores where your choices are limited and where you most probably will not get all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

The best option is to shop online and at sites such as Naturally Diamonds’ where you can obtain useful information and order your engagement ring whether you stay in Johannesburg or Cape Town. Moreover, we provide a straightforward guide on helping you to decide on the metal for the ring.

Choose According to her Lifestyle and Jewellery Preferences

Look at her current jewellery choices. Does she prefer warmer hues such as yellow or rose gold or does she prefer the silver coloured metals such as platinum of white gold? If she normally wears yellow or rose gold earrings or bracelets, then she most probably will appreciate an engagement ring that fits her overall preference for warmer hues.

It does not, however, mean that you have to stick to one metal. Many people wear gold and silver coloured jewellery together or do not have a set preference for the cooler or warmer hues. In this instance, you can consider a combination of yellow and white gold as it will enable her to wear the ring with all her jewellery. The band can be yellow gold with the diamond setting being white gold or platinum to give it a unique appearance that is also practical.

Practicality is Essential

The metal choice should be sensible. Each type of metal has its advantages and disadvantages in this regard. Platinum, for instance, bends on a direct hit. This means the platinum ring will not be damaged easily, but if the prongs bend away in response to a direct hit, the diamond may become loose and you will have to take the ring to a jeweller to have it fixed. White or yellow gold, on the other hand, may dent at such a hit, but the gemstone will stay in place.

Platinum becomes dull over time because of scratches, so regular polishing is recommended. White gold is treated with rhodium and you must have it plated annually or bi-annually to keep its shine. Tungsten is difficult to rework and if the ring is damaged it can be expensive to repair. Palladium has beauty similar to that of platinum, but is cheaper. Yellow gold needs polishing to keep it looking great for years to come.

White gold is beautiful, but if your bride is likely to work with harsh chemicals from time to time, it is not the best option as the chemicals can easily damage it. Palladium, because it is not yet widely used in the making of engagement rings, is also on the more expensive side. Not many jewellers have experience in working with the metal and if the ring is damaged it can be difficult to find someone skilled enough to repair it satisfactorily.

Price Considerations

Yellow and white gold, as well as palladium and tungsten, are more affordable than platinum, but platinum requires less maintenance. If your initial budget does not allow for platinum then consider one of the other metals. If long-term low maintenance is a priority, it may be worth your while to save up to buy the platinum ring.

When buying from Naturally Diamonds, whether you live in Cape Town, Pretoria or any other town in South Africa, you have more choices. Moreover, because we have the expertise to work with the various metals, you can be assured of top quality workmanship.