Popular Trends in Engagement and Wedding Rings for Men

Although we design engagement rings at our head office in Johannesburg, we supply stunning rings throughout South Africa. Part of our commitment to providing the best quality is to keep an eye on trends and preferences of cultures around the world. One trend that has recently surfaced in Johannesburg and other world cities is to buy engagement rings for men as well.

Men’s engagement rings often double as wedding bands, but who is to say that only the woman can get the promise of a marriage? By presenting the man of your life with the same gesture of commitment you certainly show your love and diamonds are still the preferred stones for these engagement rings. Below are three reasons why buying engagement rings for men have become popular in modern society.

Celebrities Lead the Trend

Men, though not as focussed on fashion as women, do appreciate stylish jewellery. A ring is discreet and can be manly and stylish. Even Johnny Depp has worn his ring in public with pride. Many male celebrities now wear engagement rings apart from eventually wearing wedding bands.

Designs to Fit Men

Numerous design concepts are available today, specifically catering to the preferences of men. These designs consider factors such as practicality, masculinity, size, durability and style. So, giving a man an engagement ring does not have to impinge on his abilities to use his hands, play sport or engage in physical activities.

Both are Involved

Couples often prefer to shop for their wedding bands together. With engagement rings for both, the process starts earlier, ensuring that their preferences are stated and thus increasing the likelihood of each loving the designs.

The above being said, whether you are buying an engagement ring or wedding band for a man, it is important to consider factors such as design, metal preference, setting, stone selection and his occupation. Some of the latest trends in men’s wedding bands and engagement rings are briefly noted below.

Platinum will Lead in Future

Many men have expressed their interest in platinum as the preferred metal for their wedding bands. Of course, platinum is already popular amongst the brides because the metal does not discolour and it is scratch-resistant. With these properties, it will also be an excellent choice for male rings, especially where the groom works with his hands and when there is a risk of scratches. With its practicality of not requiring regular maintenance or special care, platinum makes a good choice for male and female engagement or wedding bands.

More Metal Types Available

Though the conventional choice for a wedding band or engagement ring has been yellow gold, in recent years titanium has become one of the popular choices, especially for men. The metal is light, making it possible to wear the ring without the constant awareness that there is something on the finger. It is also scratch-resistant and can even handle bumps without denting. With long-lasting beauty, titanium is a practical choice for male wedding bands. Tungsten is the other metal now often used for engagement and wedding bands for the same reasons.


With economic pressure experienced around the world, people are looking for high-quality metals that are affordable for usage in rings. Titanium is rather affordable and a good alternative to the more expensive platinum without having to compromise on elegance, durability and scratch-resistance.

Colour Preferences Change

Though platinum with its silver sheen is exceptionally popular, there is a trend towards darker-coloured metals for men’s engagement rings such as tungsten, which wears well in an outdoor environment. Tungsten certainly also gives the masculine and bold appearance that many grooms prefer.

Whether you are looking for engagement or wedding rings for men or women, you do not have to live in Johannesburg to make use of our services. We have a streamlined online facility and ordering process for your convenience.