Popular Engagement Ring Trends for Modern Women

As far back as 1477, the creative Archduke Maxmillian led the way for the popular trend of presenting diamond rings as engagement rings for women. The ring he presented to Mary of Burgundy was set in a traditional yellow gold band, with a unique setting in which diamonds were used to display the letter M.

Engagement rings for women are now an accepted custom, but the choices of metals, diamonds and settings have increased, ensuring that you can give her a unique ring that she will appreciate. Let us have a look at the popular recent choices and trends to provide some inspiration.

From Round to Square

The square bands, though more popular for male wedding bands, are now also used in female engagement ring styles. Brides have reported exceptional comfort with no pinching experienced.

Ergonomics are Important

Though beauty and elegance are still the first priority for women’s engagement rings, brides no longer accept suffering for the sake of beauty. They do not want designs that cause pinching of the skin, discomfort because of the metal rubbing against the adjacent fingers and they are not happy with rings that feel very heavy. The designers of today focus on ergonomics to ensure that the rings are equally beautiful and comfortable.

Detailed Sides

Think 9-D movies and you get the idea of what the side-detailed ring looks like. With these designs it is possible to ensure amazing detail and elegance regardless of whether you look at the ring from the top, front or side.

Go Green

Lush flower-filled gardens have always inspired romance, but even more so today with a growing popularity in designs that include scrollwork of vines and petals in the settings.

Vintage is Back

Brides now often look at older designs stemming from the Victorian period for rings that can be passed down the family line. Of course, modern design techniques allow for a fusion of the vintage looks with modern features.

Double Settings

Brides wanting more diamonds on their fingers love the double bands of diamonds, giving an exceptionally bright and sparkling appearance.

Many Bands

If you are not satisfied with a single band engagement ring, the new trend of two bands interlocking on the same finger is for you. Another trend worth noting is the twisting bands with some even more adventurous in their design choices, using two different metals twisted to form a single band for a one-of-a-kind dimension.

Rose Gold Band

Though rose gold bands have been used in the past, the trend almost completely disappeared. However, you can expect it to make a comeback, which will certainly benefit the women who want an especially feminine-looking ring.

Mixing the Metals

Instead of using only one type of metal for the prongs, brides may opt for a combination of yellow gold and platinum prongs.

Less is More

No longer do you have to opt for the biggest diamond you can get. Discreet and delicate settings are back for the brides looking for subtlety. These designs are especially well suited to brides with slim and small hands.

Colour Diamonds

White, blue and light yellow are the most popular diamonds used in engagement rings for women and will maintain their popularity in the years to come. However, for the unconventional bride there are now options such as black and pink diamonds, though rather rare. Tanzanite, sapphires and rubies have also become popular for usage in engagement ring settings.

Horizontal Oval Setting

Having an oval-cut diamond is certainly unique, but if you set it horizontally rather than the north-south way it makes a statement that will inspire.

Personal Designs

More couples now sit together and design their dream rings. With companies such as Naturally Diamonds making it possible to choose from the metal to the diamond and the design, people are able to create their own unique and personalised engagement rings.