The Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is one of the most expensive gifts you will buy during your lifetime. It is also a symbol of commitment and the ring will be a constant reminder of your love. With it being such an important part of a couple’s commitment to marry and spend their time together, we’ve compiled a list of mistakes to avoid when shopping for engagement rings.

1. Generalising

Although most women prefer large diamond settings, it will be a huge mistake if you simply assume that your bride has the same taste as others. She might prefer a setting with several small diamonds and her choice of diamond shape may not even feature in your imagination. Rather do your homework by asking her friends and family about her preferences, and also make your own assessment by looking at the jewellery she loves the most.

2. Being Lazy

Knowing what she prefers in engagement rings is just the start. You need to learn about the key terms when shopping for engagement rings. Make sure that you understand the four Cs and various settings. Also learn about the different metals for diamond ring settings. For this, you will want to make sure that your bride will not have any skin allergies when it comes to the particular metal that you select for the engagement band.

3. Not Insisting on Certification

Although you may think that certification doesn’t matter, you will be surprised how much value jewellers assign to such. In addition, you want to ensure that the diamonds are genuine and obtained from ethical suppliers. Get the certification or leave the ring.

4. Not Reading the Fine Print

In most instances, your purchase will go without any hiccups, but don’t assume that there will not be any problems. Insist on inspection of the ring and read the supplier’s fine print on the return of faulty merchandise.

5. Not Considering Loose Diamonds

Although it may have been unthinkable a few years ago to buy loose diamonds and have your engagement ring custom designed, it is now a well-accepted practice. With loose diamonds, you are able to see the exact size and inspect for flaws. In addition, you save on the costs and have the benefit of presenting your bride with a ring that is unique.

6. Still Considering the Custom of Three Months’ Income

If you really want to spend more, then it is fine to invest three months’ earnings into buying the ring, but if you’re wise, you will not focus on expensiveness. Instead, you will make sure that the ring is genuine, the setting perfect, the style according to your bride’s preferences, and then also within your financial means.

7. Buying without Considering Lifestyle

As pretty as engagement rings can be, if she doesn’t wear the ring you buy because it doesn’t fit her lifestyle requirements, it will be just another jewellery piece. She will want to show off her ring and therefore it is imperative that you select a ring that will fit with her lifestyle and work requirements. This means choosing a ring that can be worn outdoors if she is very active, and a ring that will be any queen’s dream if she normally works in an office and prefers spa visits.

8. Overpaying

Yes, jewellers have stunning displays of engagement rings and it is so easy to buy on the spot, but beware of overpricing. Retail jewellers have mark-ups of up to 600% on their diamond rings. Now considering that you can buy the perfect and customised diamond ring for as little as a fifth of the price that you would pay in-store through Naturally Diamonds, and you’ll agree that overpaying for such an expensive item is simply not worth it.

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