Wedding Rings Cape Town

Cape Town Driving New Trends in Men’s Wedding Rings 

The idea of a gold band to confirm the bond of matrimony between a husband and wife is nothing new. Its circular shape was considered to be to a symbol of eternity and, consequently, it was seen as representing a union that, like a circle, has no end. In past times, when precious metals such as gold and silver were affordable only to aristocrats and wealthy merchants (although working class people shared the same beliefs), they had to make use of cheaper materials such as wood and grass to fashion their wedding rings.

Today, a working man is free to walk into a jeweller’s shop in Cape Town or in any large city in the world, and simply take his pick from among dozens of gold or platinum bands, either plain or adorned with engravings and/or precious stones. Traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand (a custom based upon the ancient Egyptian belief that it contained a vein that connected directly to the heart), until the mid-1900s, this was an adornment worn solely by wives. However, during the Second Wold War, many fighting men also chose to wear them, seeing them as a constant reminder of their wives back home. Since then, the trend has gradually become far more fashionable and most western wedding ceremonies now make provision, not just for the giving of these symbols of eternal union, but also for their exchange.

Today, more men than ever are sporting wedding rings and, just like their wives, many of them are also inclined to seek out something a little trendier. Another factor that has fuelled this interest worldwide is the growing acceptance by governments, including that of South Africa, of the rights of gay men to marry. Manufacturing jewellers have responded to this demand with some stunning new designs that should appeal to most males, whether gay or straight, from Cape Town to Copenhagen.

The idea that one size fits all is no longer acceptable when applied to these matrimonial tokens. Jewellery craftsmen everywhere are now focussing on designs that, in some cases, are simply more comfortable and practical, whilst, in parallel, catering for a growing number of males who now want something that displays more creativity and style than a plain gold band.

For greater comfort, the traditional profile is giving way to an ergonomic design with a curved interior surface, while the need for more durable wedding rings, specifically by men working in heavy industries, is being met with platinum or tungsten bands with polished surfaces rather than the matte finishes that are more prone to scratching.

For those whose jobs are less physically demanding, the sky is pretty much the limit today. In particular, it is clear that diamonds are beginning to hold much the same appeal for men as they do for their spouses, when mounted in simple, masculine settings. Two tone designs, combining yellow and white gold or silver are proving to be popular as is the coppery hue of rose gold, while near-black tungsten carbide inlays combine style with a sense of strength that is one hundred per cent male.

Cape Town jewellers Naturally Diamonds offer a substantial range of traditional and modern, ready-made wedding rings for both men and women. However, our true strength lies in the creative abilities of our skilled and experienced designers. Maybe you have individual preferences or have your mind set on a matching “his and hers” pair. Whether you have developed a specific design of your own or simply have the germ of an idea, we can help you to turn that rough sketch or dream into a reality.

Should you decide on a diamond or two, you can choose from our stock of over 10 000 certified stones, all at highly competitive prices, when purchasing bespoke wedding rings from our Cape Town store.